YAM - Young Adults Ministry
Associate Pastor: Zachary Bowen

Singles, Couples & Families:

12th grade and up - Every four to six weeks on Saturday night & every Sunday morning at 9:30 am.

Singles/College (or not):

12th grade thru 24 years - Once a month on Friday night & every Sunday at 9:30 am & 5:00 pm


This lively group meets periodically to provide a time for busy young adults to take a much needed break and focus on Bible study and building meaningful relationships with other Christians their age. Every event is different, but food, fun and fellowship are always involved! Several loving church members even attend just to watch children so parents can enjoy a stress free evening.

Come take part in one of our YAM sessions!


“…But as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord”

Joshua 24:15


Here is the statewide yearly conference that is held for Singles/College (or not):

Unplugged Conference

  January 2020  
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